School of Hard-Knocks Present

Micro-entrepreneur Startup

  • Personal Franchise Process 

    Our highly efficient Hub and Spoke business process will be duplicated into clusters in our Franchise System. It empowers you to embraces the Multidimensional marketing approach. In addition, we have our proven effective Digitalised Marketing Program that facilitate connectivity to assist you in building your personal franchise.



  • Activate Next Level of Breakthrough 

    Our mentorship keeps you on-track, motivated, and with the right mindset and self-belief to help you know that anything is possible. When people possess a growth mindset, they are more persistent with their effort and are better equipped to respond positively to adversity in the learning process.

Digital Platform

  • Digital Transformation Entrepreneurship 

    To help maximise and ensure result-driven interactions, we have created our very own personalised digital platform to facilitate and integrate digital strategy into your business activities. You will work with us personally to achieve your goals,  supercharge your strategy, and take consistent action to create unstoppable success within yourself.


Health and Wealth

  • Work-life Balance & Financial Confidence 

    Our programs include mindset and business coaching designed specifically for you who are ready to raise your game so you can make more money, have a bigger impact and create a greater influence in our world. At the same time, achieving work-life balance with knowledge in keeping a healthy lifestyle.